Media Relations

In addition to strategic communications counsel, our media services include:

LA Times masthead

Opposition decries the 'partisan rhetoric.'

…After the speech, some Democrats said the governor should tone down his words and work to pass the 2005-06 state budget. "Democrats look forward to moving beyond partisan rhetoric and working to balance the budget," said Vincent Duffy, a spokesman for Nunez. "The use of the word 'evil' in a policy debate is the ultimate in partisan politics."

Sacramento Bee masthead

Vietnamese politico's visit angers lawmaker

…spokesman Vince Duffy said the speaker followed a standard policy of honoring dignitaries from any country officially recognized by the United States. "The speaker understands the tragedy of the Vietnam War has produced some very deep veins of emotion, but the fact is that the war ended three decades ago," Duffy said. "And Vietnam was recognized diplomatically by the United States a decade ago, thanks to efforts by Republicans like U.S. Sen John McCain."

Wall Street Journal masthead

Sacramento Showdown

…Democrats say that the governor has overreached and is falling back on action-hero rhetoric to conceal the fact that his ideas are less popular than he is. "He's set on having a little war here," Vincent Duffy, a spokesman for Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, told reporters. "The governor is becoming as embarrassing as Jesse Ventura."

Santa Cruz Sentinel masthead

National attention fixes on Local Congressional Race

…Honda’s press secretary, Vince Duffy, on Friday accused Cunneen of trying to mislead voters in an ad that implies Cunneen has been endorsed by Sarah Brady, the wife of former Reagan aide James Brady, who was shot in an attempted assassination of the former president. Sarah Brady has since been an outspoken supporter of tighter gun control. "This latest deception is an ugly example of Cunneen’s pattern of engaging in Nixonian dirty tricks," Duffy said.